Here's a little bit about Reflexology for those of you who are new to it.

Reflexology is a ancient form of healing dating back to the Egyptian times. It helps the body to aid it's self by stimulating nerve points on the foot that correspond to related organs in the body through chi and Meridian lines. Reflexology can help unblock the nervous system to induce the flow of oxygen and blood within the body, cleansing the body from toxin and creating a new sense of balance and well-being.   

Beneficial for just some of the following.

Stress. IBS. Back pain. Digestive disorders. Headaches. Insomnia. Sub fertility. Pregnancy. Energy levels.


So, your first visit will include a free consultation where we'll have a chat about your medical history and life style. This will enable us to work together on specific points that need balancing and helping the homeostasis of the body.

You can have as many treatments as you wish but a good 5 in a row are recommended to continue the flow of work. After the treatment I'll give you some useful points to try at home and tips you may want to add to your everyday life.

Home Visits for Females only, sorry chaps.

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