"I was a little wary about having my feet touched but I needn't have any concerns. Cordelia was welcoming and friendly and her practice room created an air of tranquility. The reflexology session was extremely relaxing, soothing all stress away, while invigorating and uplifting at the same time. A wonderful experience." N16 Health Magazine

“Her magic worked again! After managing to fall pregnant from her sessions. Then my waters breaking as she left from a treatment. She truly is amazing.” Leigh E5

“An in-balance is being investigated and redressed. Cordelia is highly intuitive and very skilled, giving it her all. In short, I can’t recommend treatment highly enough with Cordelia.” Victoria Young Journalist

"Not only does Cordelia give amazing treatments, she also has wonderful empathy with her clients. She has a great deal of experience and incredible knowledge and her treatments leave you utterly nurtured. So so special." Owner - Angel Therapy Rooms

"She's simply wonderful! Cordelia has visited me several times and her reflexology is always amazing. I've had reflexology else where but this was by far the best. Blissful." Claire North London

"I approached reflexology as an open-minded sceptic, but thanks to Cordelia I am fully converted. Her work enabled me to juggle the pressures of a new job (as an section editor at a national newspaper - which was taking over my life) with pregnancy.  Early on she tackled water retention, anxiety and all the other minor aches and pains and in the final stages she allowed me to go into labour, without any medical intervention, feeling calm and confident.  Her post natal appointments have helped me get my body back on track and given me an hour of calm away from the baby (which really has taken over my life!).  Cordelia is gifted as well as being punctual and professional - I can't recommend her highly enough." Dinah North London

"I've had more reflexology treatments then anyone I know, and Cordelia sifts to the surface as the best. Even my partner wants another treatment TEN years after persuading him of the benefits of reflexology. Her sunny disposition is infectious too, leaving me both beautifully relaxed and uplifted. Magic hands." Julia Bueno - Psychotherapist

"Cordelia's treatments without a question are the best I have ever experienced. She has a great intuition and sensitivity, and I always feel wonderfully at peace after every treatment. She treated me throughout my pregnancy and post natally, I really looked forward to each session and never wanted them to end." Becky Clarke - Massage therapist

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