From an early age I was fascinated with feet, a curious part of us that was often forgotten or ignored. I didn't think twice about becoming a reflexologist and was instantly drawn to the mapping of our body upon our feet and so I began...

In 2008 I trained at the London School of Reflexology and after becoming a mother, I qualified in Maternity Reflexology along side renowned practitioner and midwife Suzanne Enzer and now specialise in this area. To enhance this treatment I qualified in pregnancy massage and baby reflexology, giving me a broader understanding of our bodies and the "mother baby" relationship.

I continue to keep my practice up to date, training along side some of the most influential teachers such as Hanne Marquardt, one of the worlds leading reflexologists in 'Reflexotherapy'  working on direct points. Tony Porter who has over 50 years experience and works in 'Advanced Reflexology' a very powerful treatment taking it to the next step and also Lynn Booth where I began to practice in 'Vertical Reflexology'.

Using these techniques above I've created a bespoke treatment, seeing each person as an individual. I use relaxation techniques supported from my yoga practice, treating holistically by working on the body as a whole and using an intuitive approach, my treatments are deep and strengthening.     

Fully insured and Accredited Member of Association of Reflexologists, Baby Reflex, Hot Stone Reflexology